Listen: Bondax, “Giving It All”


They’re mutants.  The UK is full of mutants.  That can be the only explanation for their advanced musical prowess compared to the U.S.  While we’re giving Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jaspen continued life, they’re producing classic songstresses like Adele, symphonic geniuses like James Blake, and mysterious musical masterminds like Jai Paul.  It seems like the only thing we still have firmly within our grasp is our stranglehold on rap.  Oh and country, if that’s what your into.  Bondax is another British electronic duo in the same vein as Disclosure, but with a slightly different sound.  Whereas the latter has a distinct house feel to their sound, Bondax’s music is more fun and free flowing.  The impressive “Giving It All” came out about 3 weeks ago, and while I meant to post it sooner, some things just get lost in the shuffle.  Enjoy, and pardon my minor rant.