Peep It: Chance The Rapper, "Smoke Again"

Something’s definitely brewing rap-wise in Chicago right now.  I’ve already posted about Chief Keef, Reese, and GBE in the past, but if you’ve been sleeping on Chance the Rapper then now’s the time to get familiar.  Chancellor Bennett, better known by Chance, is a 19-year-old emcee that represents a completely different aspect of Chi-Town.  His subject matter is a lot less bang bang, shoot ’em up, and a lot more chill-and-smoke oriented.  But don’t get it twisted, Chance still brings the heat just about every track.  As a semi-followup to the excellent “Acid Rain“, Chance brings on Ab-Soul for “Smoke Again”.  It’s the fifth song released off of his upcoming mixtape Acid Rap, which drops tomorrow.  Watch the video and enjoy.