Every Step Every Way: Majid Jordan, ‘Majid Jordan’ Review

Majid-Jordan copy
Back in 2014, Toronto-based duo Majid Jordan released their brisk, fully formed debut EP A Place Like This: a project that deftly introduced the pair’s sound as an enticing blend of future pop and seductive bedroom R&B. Now, after the recent release of their self-titled debut album, Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman find themselves on the precipice of stardom, but do they deliver?

In short, yes. The OVO Sound signees bring with them a cool, collected confidence reminiscent of their label head Drake. While their first full-length might not be as undeniable a debut project as say Disclosure’s Settle or Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, Majid Jordan still manage to offer up a solid album, sequentially carving out a place in an expanding genre that continues to dabble in the realms of house and electronic-based production.

Working alongside Illangelo (The Weeknd) and Noah “40” Shebib, the multi-instrumentalist Ullman crafts scintillating grooves and infectious cuts like album intro “Learn From Each Other” and “Make It Work”. Al Maskati in turn smoothly serves as the group’s vocalist, sounding comfortable either up-tempo or dialed-down, like on the emotional ballad “King City” or velvety slow jam “Warm”. Yet one of the strongest tracks on the LP is its closer; “Every Step Every Way” near-perfectly showcases the duo’s aforementioned knack for creating dance-driven songs with pop sensibility still based in R&B.

Overall, while Majid Jordan isn’t a game-changer, it still functions as a slick and sophisticated album with plenty of great songs to set the mood. Only time will tell, but Toronto may have yet again birthed another couple of stars.