ICYMI: Kiesza, “Enemiesz” (Updated)


No Enemiesz

Kiesza, the Calgary-born titan of song and dance, released a new song over the weekend and it captures the contagious flair of her breakout hit, “Hideaway“. “Enemiesz” is a sweeping, upbeat house track, driven by unrelenting drums and fleeting electro whirrs while being carried by Kiesza’s fantastic vocals.

Kiesza’s Hideaway EP is available now, and if you were one of the few people who has yet to see her (amazing) video for the project’s title track, it’s been provided below.

(Update): “Enemiesz” actually functions as a brand new single for Kiesza’s debut album Sound Of A Woman, out on November 17. Peep the project’s tracklist under the song, which has only two features, from Mick Jenkins and Joey Bada$$.

Sound of A Woman Tracklist:

1. Hideaway
2. No Enemiesz
3. Losin’ My Mind (ft Mick Jenkins)
4. So Deep
5. Vietnam
6. Bad Thing (ft Joey Bada$$)
7. What Is Love
8. Sound Of A Woman
9. The Love
10. Piano
11. Giant In My Heart
12. Over Myself
13. Cut Me Loose