In Case You Missed It: Katy B (feat. Jessie Ware), “Aaliyah”


Katy B is a UK songstress who has been making waves in the R&B/Pop scene overseas.  Both her debut studio album On a Mission and her Danger EP were released to critical acclaim, helping her solidify her spot as a viable pop star.  Her track “Aaliyah”, a Danger EP standout, plays out like an insanely clever tribute to the late singer.  As both Katy B and Summer in the Winter favorite Jessie Ware belt out their pleas to thwart ‘Aaliyah’s’ advances, it becomes clear that they simply cannot compete with a soul as gifted as her; she just so happens to be another Jolene.

Watch a live performance of the song by both singers at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend below.

  • Aubrey

    Great song. #jolene