Still Walking on the Moon? Track-by-Track Indicud Review

The self proclaimed Moon Man’s rise and fall from musical stardom has been joyful as well as painful. The Bape draped rapper came out #ServinThatHeat with two awesome mixtapes, Dat Kid From Cleveland and A Kid Named Cudi. And also still one of my favorite albums to date MOTM. While also dropping what seemed like dope freestyles every other day on YouTube. Fast forward a year from MOTM and it seemed as though Cudi’s music seemed to have taken a turn for the worse dropping what I saw as duds in MOTM2 and WZRD. Well now here we are in 2013 and Mr. Solo Dolo himself decided he would bless us with his 4th studio album in Indicud. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: For all you grammar hounds out there, I am studying Finance so rather write my review like my counterpart. I decided it would be easier for me to jot down my thoughts and try and make them make sense for you all. Again Enjoy!

  1. The Ressurrection of Scott Mescudi- Cool intro. A bit long. Great ending bridge.
  2. Unfuckwittable-  Love the transition between the Intro and this track. In my opinion there is no better way to start an album than a awesome transition. Many artist are sleeping on this minor detail.
  3. Just What I am- Has this whole Youth Rebel Anthem sound to it. Hook extremely catchy. I find myself humming it out at bars. King Chip aka Feature Killer goes in of course.
  4. Young Lady- Another catchy hook. Jeeeeeeeeeesuss Chriiiisstt giiirrrlllll.
  5. King Wizard- The way he comes onto the track is live.
  6. Immortal- My favorite song off of the album. In typical Cudi fashion he croons over a nice electric beat. Preaching what he always has about raging. Standard Cudi track, Stanard yet  great. If you listen you can notice he works a lot of his old songs into the lyrics.
  7. Solo Dolo Pt 2- Shockingly weaker track on the CD thus far. Cudi lowkey outshined Kendrick.
  8. Girls- Call me what you want but Too short needs to stop rapping. Another great typical Cudder track talking about turning up and getting on some bad O’s. I love the 80’s electro keyboard sounds at 11 seconds. Like I love love love it. When I hear it I picture Cudi popping and locking on a cardboard box in the streets of NYC lol. 
  9. New York City Rage Fest- Skip it
  10. Red Eye- Great change up. Haim is great. This track is great. Great. Great. Great.
  11. Mad Solar- Consistently surprising me with great tracks. The beat is so hypnotizing I felt like the track went on for 10 minutes.
  12. Beez- I never understood why rappers would have songs on their albums and have someone else rapping the entire time. I wish I could give this an emojii thumbs down.
  13. Brothers- Gimmicky and weak verse by the self proclaimed PMF. King Chip goes ape on the track as usual.
  14. Burn Baby Burn- Cudi really just spit on this track. Straight bars son
  15. Lord of the Sad and Lonely-  I can definitely live without it.
  16. Cold Blooded- In the words of my friend George Madjitey. “This should have been on the sound track for Django”
  17. Afterwards- Blehh
  18. The Fight of the Moon man- Awesome creepy sounds
Overall it is definitely an album that you can for the most part play all the way through, partially due to the fact that most of the beats have the same eerie vibe to them. There wasn’t anything awful on this nor was their anything great. I can honestly say that I expected less from Cudi so this in itself is a pleasant surprise. My thoughts on this album are really scattered. I like it, but it seems as though he could have done more.
+ Got back to his roots by providing “Youth Rebel Anthems”
+Very Consistent
– Played it a little so safe
– Good songs, but nothing just really stands out.
I give it a sold 7/7.5.
Ps. Lol I just noticed this, but all of Cudi’s hooks are made to be able for you to hum if you please. Haha I wonder if this is on purpose.-Chayo