Arca Announces Debut Album ‘Xen’, Releases “Thievery”


Hate it or love it, Yeezus is a project of cultural significance, which tackled many subjects (racism, classism, sex, etc.) that have never been more relevant up until today. So dissecting a record like it includes looking at the artists who helped create it. Venezuelan producer Arca (Alejandro Ghersi) is one such artist, and today he announced his forthcoming debut album, Xen.

After gaining production credits for “Send It Up”, “Hold My Liquor”, “I’m In It”, and “Blood On The Leaves”, Arca went on to contribute towards FKA Twigs’ EP2, and gave us his own project &&&&& in 2013. Xen is the followup to said project and will be out on November 4 in the U.S. through Mute.

With the announcement, Arca also shared a song off of Xen titled “Thievery”, a cold, glassy instrumental that incorporates elements of dancehall and reggaeton. You can listen to Thievery and view Xen‘s tracklist below.  (via Pitchfork)

1. “Now You Know”
2. “Held Apart”
3. “Xen”
4. “Sad Bitch”
5. “Sisters”
6. “Slit Thru”
7. “Failed”
8. “Family Violence”
9. “Thievery”
10. “Lonely Thugg”
11. “Fish”
12. “Wound”
13. “Bullet Chained”
14. “Tongue”
15. “Promise”