Listen: Ben Khan, “Eden”


When I first listened to “Drive“back in June, Ben Khan’s only available track at the time, I distinctly remember being impressed while simultaneously wondering how Jai Paul would feel when he heard the song. Would he be flattered, agitated, or downright disgusted? Because if you listen to “Drive” and claim to not hear a heavy Jai Paul influence and style, I’ll call you an idiot or a liar. From the reverbs of Khan’s ghostly vocals to the funky guitar-laden stretches that persist throughout, Jai Paul and Ben Khan could be musical brothers separated at birth. Oh and they’re both from London, and have one-syllable first and last names. With “Eden”, Khan doesn’t shy away from the comparison and seems to embrace it fully. The track’s grooviness is undeniable, and the subtle smoothness of Khan’s voice is a great contrast with some of the random choices of sound that frequently pop up out of nowhere.

(via Pitchfork)