Listen: Danny Brown, “Hand Stand”

Shake that ass for a hipster nigga

In a world where good things happen to my favorite rappers and albums are not subjected to the obligatory marketing/political hype machine of their respective labels, Danny Brown’s upcoming full-length Old would be right around the corner. Unfortunately, that world is merely a figment of my imagination and label politics will perpetually play the role of Buzz Killington. Following the news that Old, ostensibly to be released through his Fool Gold’s label, had been delayed until October, Danny Brown has been compensating his fans with a steady stream of new music. “Hand Stand” finds Daniel teaming back up with UK grime producer Darq E Freaker following the success of “Blueberry (Pills and Cocaine)“. Danny Brown continues to showcase his appreciation for the art of the twerk as he encourages his ladies to “express themselves“, preferably in the handstand position, with his signature high-energy delivery over a suitably frenetic instrumental. (via Stereogum). Images via Pitchfork