Listen: Danny L Harle, “In My Dreams”

Danny L Harle coincidentally serves as one of the most visible, and low-profile members of P.C. Music’s community. ‘Visible’ in that he’s a real person, but ‘low-profile’ in the sense that his following is only now beginning to bud. The label’s sound functions as the electronic genre’s newest strain of pop, and has many a music journalist wondering just how to classify it all. Yet for all of the hard bipps, and glossily confounding bounce of P.C., Harle keeps it fairly straightforward.

Much in the same vein as last years “Broken Flowers”, Harle’s newest single “In My Dreams” relies on a playful, almost cartoonish, house structure. The closer you listen (while bubbly, English-accented vocals loop around a dance-driven melody), the more fun the track becomes. Listen above, and if you never heard “Broken Flowers”, it’s been provided below.

Broken Flowers“:

(via DIY)