Listen: El-P + Killer Mike = Run the Jewels


Here’s the scenario: El-P and Killer Mike are seamlessly floating through an unidentified celestial quadrant in a candy-coated, modified ’72 cadillac. Killer Mike’s maneuvering, El-P’s riding shotgun, and three scantily clothed intergalactic goddesses are straight vibing in the backseat; liquor plentiful. What are they vibing to you ask? Run the Jewels of course, in all of its post-modern, bass rattling glory.

El-P and Killer Mike have been at it for years, but the rap game finally granted them access in 2012 after their respective game-changing underground gems Cancer 4 Cure and R.A.P. Music. It’s quite easy to imagine these two peddling around the rap industry aimlessly, each with very polarizing ideals of what current rap should sound like, meeting at a label party and realizing, respectively, ‘this guy gets it’. The fact that El-P can craft an apocalyptic rap opus for himself and then completely shift gears to lace Mike with his politically charged Southern rap effort all while delivering verses that rival your favorite rapper’s speaks volumes to dude’s talent. ‘Run the Jewels’ sees the two taking a much deserved victory lap as they put on a display of lyrical acrobatics over juggernaut production. Thank god we let them in the rap game.