Listen: How to Dress Well, “Repeat Pleasure”

In Tom Krell’s earliest work as experimental R&B act How to Dress Well, there’s a noticeable disembodiment with Krell’s vocals perhaps suggesting a slight hesitance to fully unveil his emotional distress or outlook to a world of misinformed listeners.  Most of his vocals are buried deep under reverb and heavy, almost ghostly modulated effects, making it hard for listeners to perceive the personality or concrete identity of the creator of these tracks and who they are for.  But as his career has progressed, Krell has subsequently let his voice and creative ideas about his interpersonal relationships become more readily decipherable, at least based on the clarity of his vocals.  All of this leading up to “Repeat Pleasure” an inspired bit of revitalized, joyous retro pop, acoustic guitars and all.  Equipped with a pure expression of unbridled love for his romantic partner and Krell’s signature falsetto dexterity, it’s hard not to get swept up in the track’s jubilant sentiment.  Krell’s new LP What is this Heart is out June 23rd.

  • yg400

    Good stuff Dylan