Listen: Lorde, “Tennis Court” (Flume Remix)

If I told you that the crowd went insane when Flume played his version of Lorde’s “Tennis Court” during his set at Coachella, I’d be severely understating it. The remix, which Flume released today, is an absolute monster of a track that already has my vote for one of the best songs of the year. While Lorde’s original vocals are used throughout, the original production is all but completely gone. Streten’s fingerprints are all over this one, once again using buildup to his advantage until the track descends into the usual explosion of brilliant synth madness that Flume is known for. It’s rare that a remix of a song is actually better than the original but, if there were ever such a case, this would be it. Oh and the video for the song is beautifully crazy too. Watch it above.