Listen: Mr. Twin Sister, “Out Of The Dark”

Mr. Twin Sister

Given Twin Sister‘s easygoing, dream-pop driven past, the Long Island band’s newest track sounds like a fresh far cry from the music their fans are used to. The lighthearted, floaty feelings of the Kendrick Lamar-sampledMeet The Frownies” are absent, along with the hazy nostalgia of a song like “Daniel”. With an added honorific and slight name change, Mr. Twin Sister’s title of their new song fits perfectly. “Out Of The Dark” is a finely-honed, darkly skittish EDM track that impresses by mesmerizing. “I am a woman, but inside I’m a man, and I want to be as gay as I can,” lead singer Andrea Estella proclaims, and while inherently confusing, you can’t help but understand what she means. (via Stereogum)