Listen: Nipsey Hussle feat. Dom Kennedy, “Don’t Forget Us” (Cookin Soul Remix)

Cookin Soul

Personally, I’m more familiar with Jodeci’s 1993 song “What About Us” as a sample that was used in King Chip’s “Ain’t No Love Here“. Yet with Cookin Soul‘s new remix of Nipsey Hussle’s “Don’t Forget About Us”, originally from from his 2013 mixtape Crenshaw, it’s used to an equally satisfying extent.

Contrasting with Nipsey’s narrowed, focused flow, the reeled-back instrumental mystifies and ensnares by a creating a cool and relaxed atmosphere. If you haven’t heard them already, check out Cookin’ Soul’s remix of G-Unit’s “Stunt 101” and his production on YG & Blanco’s “Block Party” below.  (via HNHH)

“Stunt 101” (Cookin’ Soul Remix):

Block Party“: