Listen: Oceaán, “Need U” (Abhi//Dijon Remix)

Need U Remix

While I don’t want to go out on a limb and say this is the smoothest track I think I’ve ever heard, I just might have to. Oceaán‘s “Need U” originally formed an enjoyable contrast, with an upbeat tempo that melded with soulful vocals and silkily seductive production. But the Manchester artist’s collaboration with Abhi and Dijon flips the original for a final product that’s nothing short of heavenly. “Hurt you is something I’d never do,” the remix starts off crooning in a vein much similar to the original, this time with added background vocals. But soon after, massive bass washes over listeners with wavy, chilled-out instrumentals hot on it’s heels. If you’re in need for ‘baby-making’ music, then you’ve come to right place my friend.

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