Listen: Tei Shi, “Bassically”

Tei Shi

Initially, Tei Shi‘s newest song sounds quite different from the material offered up on her 2013 debut EP Saudade. Abandoning the slow and slinky qualities of “M&M’s” and “Nature vs. Nurture“, the Brooklyn-based artist slips into a shadowy, enveloping electro-current with “Basically”. Yet at it’s machine-like core, the track still sounds distinctly feminist, and vintage Valerie Teicher.

Driven by bass-heavy, semi-industrialized production, “Bassically” shifts from a somewhat restrained ballad to a majestic stunner midway through. As the song (produced by Luca Buccellati and Tei Shi herself) is filled to the brim with small details, like crystalline blips and stabs of voice distortion, Tei Shi cuts through the dense atmosphere with what is probably her most arresting vocal performance yet. “Please don’t think that I’m begging you for love,” she warns once again after coming down from a forceful crescendo, as if it’d be very unwise to further test her mettle.

You can buy “Bassically” on iTunes right now through Mermaid Avenue/Double Denim. Be on the lookout for more material from Tei Shi in the coming months.