Listen: The Preatures, “Somebody’s Talking”


If you’re a Flume fan, then you may have already been acquainted with Isabella Manfredi’s arresting, velvety vocals on the Australian wunderkind’s soothing cut, “The Greatest View“. But if you’re unfamiliar, Manfredi (pictured above) is the lead singer of The Preatures, a folksy rock-pop band also from the land Down Under.

The band’s debut album, Blue Planet Eyes, is out in Australia and New Zealand on September 26, and they have released their new single “Somebody’s Talking” to gear-up for the event. It’s a jiving, guitar-driven track that’s cut through by Manfredi’s piercing vocal performance, resulting in an enjoyably bluesy experience. You can take a look at the album’s tracklist below.

(via DIY)


1. “Blue Planet Eyes”

2. “Somebody’s Talking”

3. “Is This How You Feel?”

4. “Ordinary”

5. “Two Tone Melody”

6. “Rock and Roll Rave”

7. “Whatever You Want”

8. “Cruel”

9. “It Gets Better”

10. “Business, Yeah”