Listen: The Underachievers – Lords of Flatbush Mixtape


Following the collapse of the G-Unit/Dipset New York regimes in the mid-2000’s, the stranglehold the five boroughs had on the hip-hop game was seemingly an antiquated relic, only to be reflected fondly upon rather than experienced.  The city that gave us rap game overlords such as Nas, Jay-Z, The Wu, and countless others, were relegated to the sidelines as the genre flourished, specifically in the Midwest and Southern regions.  Today, the East Coast is brimming with talent and is slowly recapturing the influential throne that had recently eluded them.  Acts such as Action Bronson, RATKING, Mr. Muthafu**in’ Exquire, and El-P have all exhibited departures from the traditional boom-bap veneered by New York purists while still producing experimental music with distinctive Big Apple roots.

The Underachievers, MC’s Issa Dash and AK, fall right in line with their contemporaries and are now primed for a bigger piece of the pie with the release of their new EP.  As the founding fathers of the Beast Coast Movement, comprised of Pro Era, A$AP Mob, and the Flatbush Zombies, their influence in the new wave of New York hip-hop is substantial.  Their Indigoism mixtape, a druggy, psychedelic affair of third-eye enlightenment and spiritual tranquility, already got them a deal with Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label in which their experimental approach will now have the guidance necessary for more potent offerings.  Lords of Flatbush finds the two rapping over Lex Luger production in an attempt to further expand upon their surprisingly refined sound.  Their topics of self-realization are still present, but now with the commercial accessibility associated with the Lex Luger package.   Listen below.