Listen: Vic Mensa, “Down On My Luck”

Down On My Luck

When I saw Vic Mensa perform earlier this year while on tour with Disclosure, I was pleasantly surprised by his warm reception from the crowd. While Innanetape had it’s fair share of diverse melodies and undeniably distinctive style, the project was still a far cry from the vibrant, beating house instrumentation found on Disclosure’s brilliant debut Settle. Undoubtedly, Mensa’s time with the Lawrence brothers influenced his blossoming sound, a fact first made evident when Mensa released his remix of “When A Fire Starts To Burn“. “Down On My Luck” takes that melding of genres to an even smoother plane, seamlessly proving that house and rap can actually work out together quite well. The song, produced by Stefan Ponce, comes alive with a simultaneously cool and scintillating beat that’s near dreamlike in sequencing. Mensa raps circles around the frenetically paced track in a controlled, melodic flow that fluidly showcases the 20-year-old’s progression. If this is the direction he decides to take his music, this young Chicago emcee could really be on to something.