Listen: Wyles & Simpson, “Light And Dark” (Doc Daneeka Remix)

Light And Dark

Together, English artists Abigail Wyles and Holly Simpson makeup a visceral twosome equipped with all of the tools to make their mark in the rapidly evolving, indie-electronic scene. The pair’s debut single, “Light and Dark”, fluently embodies Wyles & Simpson‘s creative prowess, from the synth-laden melodies and rippling electronic undercurrent to its soothing vocal performance.

Deciding between the duo’s original song and Doc Daneeka‘s dialed-down remix is a difficult one, as the latter version transforms the former into a warm, soothing mid-tempo house track that’s easy to get lost in. You can listen to both versions below, and be on the lookout for Wyles & Simpson’s debut album out in early 2015. Here’s what they had to say about “Light and Dark”:

“Our journey has involved succumbing to light and darkness – it’s not comfortable and it’s not meant to be. Life isn’t one dimensional or still, it’s multi-faceted.”

“Light and Dark” (Original):

Light and Dark” (Doc Daneeka Remix):