Lxury Releases Video For “Square 1”, feat. Deptford Goth

Lxury‘s been slowly killing it since 2013, and he doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. “Square 1” is the London producer’s first song with a feature, electing to go with the smooth, icy vocals of Deptford Goth over his usual vocal sampling and manipulations.

The video for the song is simultaneously simple and intricate, showcasing a pair of CGI hands as they sign, dance, and gracefully multiply in as visually stimulating a way as possible. Here’s what the description of the video says:

“This video is an homage to the narrative we find in African funeral rituals, where the relationship between dead and alive is made through and dance not words.”

“Square 1” comes from Lxury’s newly released EP, Into The Everywhere, which you can get here.

(featured image via PMA)