Mix: “Night Of The Crescent Moon Vol. 1”


The Night Of The Crescent Moon is actually the story of a doomed love and relationship that ended prematurely due to dire circumstances.  Thus, I found it appropriate to dub this hazy collection of songs after that story.  Music is dramatic, to say the least, and functions as an emotional outlet for artists to make that drama tangible and relatable for the real world.  The idea of “love” is probably the most popular of subject matter, taking shape in one form of song or another.  This mix is a reflection of that, and whether it makes you happy, sad, or drowsy (audio Nyquil anyone?), it is meant to calm you down, not hype you up.  Listen below.

1). “OEA” + “Forgetting And Learning Again” by Lapalux
2). “Cherry” by Chromatics (9:54)
3). “Jasmine” by Jai Paul (14:12)
4). “Coming Down” (Rogues edit) by The Weeknd (17:35)
5). “Drive You Home” by New Look(22:37)
6). “Limit To Your Love” by James Blake (27:14)
7). “Warm Water” by Banks (31:33)
8). “Something About Us” by Daft Punk (35:00)
9). “Game Of Love” by Daft Punk (38:14)
10). “Without You” by Lapalux (43:23)
11). “So Many Details” by Toro Y Moi(48:30)