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Australian producer, DJ, and singer Anna Lunoe has definitely made her impression felt in the electronic indie scene over the past year. I first heard of (and saw) Lunoe last fall, when she, along with Banks, accompanied The Weeknd on his first headlining tour. Her flair and deftness for house-inflected electropop only further works to eradicate the outdated notion that female producers are somehow less skilled than their male counterparts, a subject that Lunoe recently spoke on in an article for the Fader by Ruth Saxelby.

A perfect example of this is with her irresistible lead single, “All Out”, with it’s smooth pace and enveloping sound, or her 2013 stunner “Breathe”, a grime-garage influenced song resulting in something devilishly good. However, what absolutely can’t be ignored is London producer KDA‘s recent remix of the former track. By re-structuring the original with an invigorating tempo and deep house feel, KDA gives “All Out” an alternative twist that’s every bit as exciting as the original. You can listen to “All Out”, its remix, and “Breathe” below. Enjoy.

“All Out” (Main Mix):

“All Out” (KDA Remix):