Now Playing: Shura, “Touch”

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I think there’s something in the water over there in the UK. Shura, a London-based artist who has drawn comparisons to Haim and Blood Orange, delivered a sensual gut-punch of a debut with “Touch” back in February. The slow-burner smoothly eases along as warm synths foster a hazy atmosphere for Shura’s pleasant vocals to cut through. The song itself speaks of the singer’s lost relationship with a former lover, only to have her old feelings revived when she sees him (or her) again after three years. The video for the song is a near-perfect compliment, featuring a hefty amount of girls kissing girls, boys kissing girls, and even boys kissing boys. It’s unsure when this English talent will release her next song, but here’s to hoping it’s everything as good as the first.