Peep It: Caribou, “Our Love”

Dan Snaith‘s new album, Our Love, is an excellent one, beautifully weaving together a collection of influences ranging from neo-soul, to electronic dance with arresting stabs of house. The main topic of discussion, as you might’ve guessed, is love and the many forms it has taken during Snaith’s lifetime.

The project’s title track is one of it’s best, and the resulting video couldn’t do a better job of reflecting such a crucial sentiment. Directed by Ryan Staake, the clip follows an old woman, dressed in fancy garb while in a nostalgic and melancholy state. The song’s modern, tempo-based progression directly contrasts with the story that unfolds, as the woman is teleported back to a happier time just as the song starts to open up.

All captured in a single shot, the video is stunning, ultimately questioning what it’s like to live without the person you love most. Caribou’s Our Love is out today through Merge, and is now streaming on Spotify. (via DIY)