Peep It: Disclosure, “You & Me” (Flume Remix)

Australian electronic producer Harley Streten, a.k.a. Flume, is known for his proficiency as a multi-instrumentalist and dynamic sound. Fresh off of a slew of recent remixes, and prepping the re-release deluxe edition of his debut album, Flume completely reworked Disclosure’s hit song “You & Me”. This version features symphonic violin strings and a heavy emphasis on drums and percussion. It basically sounds like an orchestra and electro-rave came together and formed a beautiful lovechild, spearheaded by the looping of Eliza Doolittle’s tender vocals. The tremendous remix has an equally tremendous video that features what is probably the most epic make-out session ever recorded. The deluxe edition of Flume will be available digitally on November 9.  (via Prefix)