Peep it: Earl Sweatshirt (Feat. Casey Veggies & Vince Staples), “Hive” (Video)


“Whippin’ hoopties/ Tryna’ boost raw chronic”

If the tentative dates hold and the rappers, notorious for ‘pump-faking’ their fan-bases with hollow release dates, slated for releases in August can be trusted, we might all be EATIN’.   Between Danny Brown’s Old, Fergy Ferg’s Trap Lord, Schoolboy’s Oxymoron (probably won’t come out), and Earl’s Doris, August can be the antithesis to the major  label showdown the dust is still settling on, showcasing a group of MC’s on the cusp of superstardom.  ‘Hive’ falls right in line with Earl’s excellent post-Samoa output showcasing a grimy assault of lyrical dexterity over a haunting backdrop tailor-made for these OF cyphers.  Earl taps Hiro Murai, director of the ‘Chum’ video, for another visual gem filled with nuanced lighting, Earl without eyeballs, and humping dogs; you gotta love it.