Peep It: Elderbrook, “Could” (Dir. by Lauren Gregory)

Elderbrook - 1

UK dance outfit Wayward’s EP Ugetsu was an expertly crafted debut and, if you listened to it, you would’ve heard one of its standout tracks (and my personal favorite) in “Waver“. Featuring Elderbrook, a.k.a 20-year-old Alexander Kotz, the house-inflected song possesses a dead-eyed focus on harmony and soul.

As both a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Elderbrook brings that same allure and precision to his own track, “Could“. The song comes from his upcoming debut EP Simmer Down, with the video being directed by New York-based artist Lauren Gregory. Much in the same vein as Toro Y Moi’s “Rose Quartz” (also directed by Gregory), “Could” features entrancing stop motion animation using oil paintings created of Elderbrook. The result is a beautiful piece of work, intwining the warm elements of the song with Elderbrook’s movements. Here’s what Gregory had to say about the video:

“His moves, like the music, will be repetitive and cyclical, as I will want to create many short animated loops that I’ll melt into each other and layer over one another.”

Simmer Down will be out through Black Butter on November 24.