Peep It: Father feat. Ethereal, “Dáme Fuego”

Atlanta’s Awful Records grind hard, with rising emcee Father leading his group through the trenches as captain. “Dame Fuego”, off of his recent mixtape Young Hot Ebony, might not be as catchy as his breakout hit “Look At Wrist”, but still possesses that same menacing tone and instant-likability factor with a precise, potent beat.

The new video for the track keeps things simple as Father quietly lusts after a group of women who enter a laundromat. Yet, in its simplicity, seems like the perfect visual component for the tune, all muggy and drab with a filter that only belabors the point. If you like what you hear, stream the rest of Father’s excellent Young Hot Ebony below.

Young Hot Ebony

(via The Fader)