Peep It: Kanye Performs “Bound 2” On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

For many hardcore Kanye fans, “Bound 2” represents a return to what made the artist so great in the first place.  There’s the old-school sample, classic beat, and a seemingly familiar Kanye rapping about relatable subject matter.  Furthermore, for some, “Bound 2” is the only song deemed ‘listenable’ off of Yeezus.  While I completely disagree with the latter notion, I can also understand where these fans are coming from, because the Kanye of now simply isn’t the same Kanye from The College Dropout days.  But regardless of your current feelings towards him, Yeezy made a surprise appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon yesterday, giving us an excellent rendition supported by Charlie Wilson and The Roots.  Also, please listen closely to Kanye’s opening line.  (via Pitchfork)