Peep It: Kindness, “This Is Not About Us”

With “This Is Not About Us“, Adam “Kindness” Bainbridge crafted a lively piece of dance-imbued R&B that ultimately proved irresistible. Bainbridge achieves this same captivating quality with the official video for the song.

Co-Directed by Daniel Brereton and Bainbridge himself, the star of the show is undoubtedly the choreographer of the video in Karla Garcia. Yet it’s Bainbridge’s somewhat off-pace, slightly awkward mirroring of Garcia’s adept, animated moves that gives the visual it’s charm. Here’s what Kindness had to say about the “This Is Not About Us” clip:

“I wanted to push myself to work on dance in a way that was less free-form and messy. I’m glad to have had the chance to work with Karla and to appreciate even more the role of the choreographer. It’s an ego-less thing to give yourself over to making someone else dance as well as possible.”

His new album, Otherness, is out next tuesday (Oct. 14) through Female Energy/Mom + Pop, but you can actually stream it right now.  (via The Fader)