Peep It: Matti Baybee, “Mula”

Matti Baybee, a 16 year-old Chicago native, is Chief Keef’s cousin.  I feel obligated to mention that to both inform you of the purported musical prowess in the Keef bloodline, but also to completely misdirect your expectations because Baybee sounds absolutely nothing like Almighty Sosa.  If his name hasn’t tipped you of already, then this cut from his forthcoming mixtape Young Legend 2 will let you know Matti Baybee’s music is almost completely devoid of gun talk and machismo bravado.  Instead, “Mula” is filled with light touches of auto-tuned crooning, a singular, sleepy cascading synth line, and modest drum snaps and chants, resulting in an innocuous ode to the lavish dreams of a young man’s chase for the mula.  (Via Fader)