Peep It: Paradis, “Ser Une Chanson En Français” (Dir. by Daniel Brereton)

Parisian house duo Paradis quietly dropped two absolute gems during 2014 in “Garde Le Pour Toi” and “Ser Une Chanson En Français“, the latter of which recently got a striking video to match. Director Daniel Brereton opens up with an almost eerily reflective sequence, as an elderly woman speaks to the pair about the Paris protests of 1968 and how it affected her life.

From there the song picks up while the visuals portray Paris as a stunning, vibrant city. People, architecture, and nightlife are spotlighted as the aforementioned woman nostalgically remembers the days of old, transforming her into her younger self much like in Caribou’s “Our Love“. Paradis’ new EP, Couleurs Primaires, is out in January 2015 through Barclay.