Peep It: QT, “Hey QT”

Quinn Thomas b.k.a. QT, real name Hayden Dunham, has graced us with the video for her infectious debut single “Hey QT”. Much hype has been made about the joint production of PC Music‘s A.G. Cook and the affiliated SOPHIE, but Dunham deserves just as much credit for bringing this curious performance art project to life.

The video takes many cues from QT’s established aesthetic, from the girl group-inspired dance moves she’s performed live to her sleek, futuristic sense of style. You could sum this all up as one big promotion for the energy drink of the same name, which I actually got to taste over last weekend (it wasn’t bad at all), but the clip is still pretty fun. Here’s what QT’s official site has to say about the XL Recordings-backed beverage:

“DrinkQT is a 5-calorie, sugar-free, 250ml drink, manufactured to contribute to upward shine, vertical connectivity and personal growth. [The drink] is an energy elixir empowering consumers to supercharge their senses and elevate their consciousness.”

(via Stereogum)