Peep It: Real Estate, “Talking Backwards”

Real Estate is an increasingly prominent indie rock outfit based out of  New Jersey and “Talking Backwards” is the lead single from their third studio album and Days successor, Atlas.  Though I’ve never been a fan of categorizing songs by the seasons, it’s hard not to clamor for the waning beach tides and seasonal crispness of spring once “Talking Backwards” begins to wash over you.  Real Estate continues to concoct indelible guitar centered grooves doused with an intangible summertime warmth all while maintaining the defiant optimism that continues to be the band’s most recognizable asset.  It’s not too far a departure from the material found on Days, but it’s still such a rewarding sound, it deserves to be further explored and mastered.  Atlas will be available for purchase March 4th and you can purchase the single via iTunes.