Peep It: Rustie feat. Danny Brown, “Attak” (Dir. by Peter Marsden)

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve realized that lyric videos are sort of, kind of, really lame (for the most part), and overall pretty uncreative. Yet, much like everything the 33-year-old rapper does, Danny Brown injects an uncontainable flair to the unconventionally stimulating visuals of Rustie‘s song of the year, “Attak“.

The overall minimalism of the video contrasts with Rustie’s bombastically phenomenal production, as Brown is the sole focus allowed to once again run amok as a lyrical terrorist. Rustie’s new album Green Language is out on August 26.

  • Noel

    In everyone’s case I have seen an improvement in skin tone, and definitely a subtle ‘plumping’ effect.