Peep It: The Weeknd, “Often”

While Abel Tesfaye’s initially enigmatic nature has all but dissipated, he’s somehow still able to keep most of us at least vaguely interested. Undoubtedly, his overtly masochistic tendencies have worn down many of his early admirers. It seems like for every one that says, “Enough is enough,” another fan discovers The Weeknd for the first time, and the cycle repeats. As for me, I’m somewhere in between, Nostalgic for those 2011 days of destructive deviance and debauchery, yet wearisome of his overall lack of progression since.

In the video for his latest single, “Often“, Tesfaye effortlessly treads those promiscuous waters that garnered him his following in the first place. And, while done so many times before, its remarkable at the very least when noting just how desensitized he seems towards his surroundings, like sex has quite simply lost its appeal like a fine wine that has lost its taste. Various women come in and out of his dimly-lit condo, yet Tesfaye seems more interested in the empty, nameless, skyline outside his expansive window than the dozens of beautiful women who endlessly clamor for his affection.