Peep It: Vince Staples, “Blue Suede”

As a 21-year-old emcee from Long Beach, Vince Staples seems to have already experienced a lot, rapping with a confident presence over the mic as lethal as a hot knife. “Blue Suede”, with it’s Yeezus-era meets N.W.A. sound and Gesaffelstein-like production, is a true representation of Staples’ developing force.

Over blaring synths that are closer to that of a police siren than those of a production board, Staples flows with elasticity and depth as concussive bass pours out of the speakers. It’s not a track to take lightly, and the video is a simple aesthetic reflection of that. “Blue Suede” is the lead single off of Hell Can Wait, his forthcoming Def Jam debut.  (via Pitchfork)