Peep It: Yung Lean, “Yoshi City” (Dir. by Marcus Söderlund)

Stockholm’s Sad Boys are still largely an enigma and their leader, the ever divisive Yung Lean, is more polarizing than ever. Yet what’s undeniable is Lean’s upward progression as a rapper, spearheaded by the transformative, elite production of Yung Gud. What has also clearly progressed is the quality of Lean’s videos going from the hazy amalgamations of anime, Microsoft windows effects, and Photoshopped images, to what are now seemingly high-budget visuals that stress the stoic camaraderie of the “Emotional Boys 2001.” “Yoshi City” is one such video and, like “Kyoto“, will make haters of the young crew think twice about not taking the Sad Boys seriously.  (via The Fader)