Stream James Blake Collaborator Airhead’s New EP, ‘Believe’


If you’ve ever seen a James Blake live show, either online or in person, it’s highly likely that you noticed Rob McAndrews at some point or another. McAndrews, along with drummer Ben Assiter, is a childhood friend of Blake’s and frequently collaborates with him when not playing guitar on stage. Yet McAndrews also dabbles in the industry with music of his own, using his experience on tour as a multi-instrumentalist and work with Blake as a point of reference for his production.

Under the alias Airhead, McAndrews constructs electronica that harkens back to the early days of post-dubstep. Airhead’s newest EP, Believe, embodies an at times soulful, experimental project that could fit right alongside anything his more popular friend has done up to this point. Stream the 1-800-Dinosaur release below.  (via The Fader)

(featured image via Pitchfork)

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