Stream Oceaán’s Progressive New EP ‘Grip’ In Full


Oceaán‘s self-titled debut EP, released back in March, was a phenomenal melting pot of all of the Manchester-based artist’s perceived influences. The impact of James Blake and Jai Paul seemed clearly evident, with dashes of house, post-dubstep, and R&B combined for an amazing end-product. Oceaán’s new EP, Grip, pushes all of those initial ideas forward, expanding on both the depth of production and his willingness to step forth out of the shadows.

In his previous project Oceaán cloaked his voice in reverb and distortion, and while these effects are still present, Grip tends to lean more heavily on ambiance, and smooth, airy vocal showings a la “Need U“. Fans who have been paying attention have already heard the title track, “Veritas”, and “Candour”. With the release of the EP in full, we get a brand new song in “At Your Feet”, which you can stream below. Here’s what Oceaán told The Fader about the project:

“Within this EP I wanted to explore the boundaries of club culture and the timbres that embody the nature of that world. In addition, I focused on investigating how lyrics can be married into the soundscape of the EP; more experimentally in ‘Grip’ itself and more directly within the rest of the EP.”