Stream Tunji Ige’s Exceptional New Album, ‘The Love Project’


In the face of a relatively high-profile release (J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive) and justifiable national outrage, Philadelphia emcee Tunji Ige‘s new album might go unnoticed by most. But for those who are already familiar with the adept, multi-faceted 19-year-old, you’d know how much of a mistake sleeping on The Love Project would be.

Over a 13-track span, Ige is able to craft a varied, layered soundscape where he’s able to showcase his talent in a manner that seems effortless. He sings, raps, and produces, interpolates artists like Kanye and Eminem, all while offering an insight that’s poignant but, most importantly, relatable in an everyday (Day2Day?) setting. Ige might’ve released the album a bit too late to make many of 2014’s year-end lists, but give it time, and the buzz will grow. Listen to The Love Project below, and if you didn’t know about Tunji Ige before, now you know. (p.s. Dat cover art doe. *sunglasses emoji*)

(via P&P)