Submission: CVIRO, “187” (Prod. by GXNXVS)

In case you were unaware, the term “187”is a California penal code used to identify a crime as murder. More commonly used in older hip-hop songs like Snoop Dogg’s, or even more recently with rappers like Freddie Gibbs, the term has a long and frequent history with music. Here, atypical R&B artist CVIRO uses “187” to describe how he feels about a particularly treacherous vixen’s love. The track is smooth, while the video is dark and stylistically cool, feeling like something The Weeknd or JMSN might put out. CVIRO’s voice glides effortlessly along distant synths and a slightly menacing bassline. In other words, this video and song are worth your time, just be warned it’s slightly NSFW.  Be on the lookout for his debut EP out soon.