Submission: Jake Hart, “That Touch”

Jake Hart

There lies a distinct sense of incorporeality in London musician Jake Hart‘s recent single, “That Touch”. The song pleasantly floats along, billowy and light, with a minimal approach to structure subtly drawing you in. A slow and deliberate beat gives the song weight, as the slightest strumming of a guitar comes into focus before the hook. “I love the way you touch me/I love the way you touch me, so slow,” repeats Hart, his featherlight vocals seemingly about to fade away at any moment.

The video, directed by Yousef Eldin, works much to same effect. Shot in Las Vegas, the visual follows a twenty-something-year-old, otherwise nondescript man as he makes his way down the Strip. Highly reminiscent of Oceaan’s “Need U“, the video is filmed in one continuous shot, as the man gracefully dances around passerby’s while making contact with them just long enough for them to notice. It’s very well-done. You can watch “That Touch” above, or just listen to it below.