Submission: Kacy Hill, “Experience”

Kacy Hill Featured


In most cases, an artist’s first song sounds amateur at best and cringeworthy at worst. Luckily for us, Kacy Hill is absolutely not one such case. The 20-year-old Los Angeles via Phoenix singer possesses an ensnaring voice, equal parts feathery and folksy that allows her to hover above her music, making her transition into the industry a seemingly seamless one.

Due in large part to producer Jaylien Wesley, Hill’s debut song “Experience” is pushed by a slow and rapturous electronic current that’s not quite dance and not quite R&B. The track stays true to its namesake, as listening to it makes for a process that sort of washes over you. Here’s an excerpt of the press release, detailing the intimacy of “Experience”:

“An otherworldly vocal and futuristic production is matched by a compelling visual, inspired by the intricacies of being human and our ability to think into detail and absorb meaning behind subconscious and conscious action.”

You can watch the equally cool visual, mentioned above, below. For more info on the multi-talented Kacy Hill, check out P&P’s interview with her here.

“Experience” video: