Submission: YC The Cynic, “Night Thoughts” (Dir. by Breeze Embalm)

YC The Cynic, an up-and-coming Bronx emcee, has seen his stock rise as of late (and with good reason). At 23, the young rapper spits with a confidently crafted flow and obvious chip on his shoulder, as one should coming out of New York. But being 5 years deep in the game has surely taught him a thing or two and, at this point, YC represents a lot of what makes NYC rap so good. There’s a method to his madness, and a message behind the music that goes further than superficiality. “Night Thoughts” is a weirdly appealing track that competently showcases YC’s abilities, and is complimented by a video that takes it’s cues from Donnie Darko. You can watch said video above, and you can also check out Complex’s recent video profile of YC below.