Vibe With Eclair Fifi’s Infectious Mix For AIAIAI

Eclair Fifi italo

Eclair Fifi is a beast on the boards and, standing as LuckyMe’s first (and only) lady on the label, brings the raucous with surgical transitional flair. Easing away from an old disco jam like Deborah Kinley’s “All For You” into the glimmering electronica of Rustie’s “He Hate Me” isn’t easy, yet Fifi makes it seem like slight work.

The Glaswegian artist has cited musical influences from Chicago and Detroit, which with one listen can be heard clearly. Yet she still manages to seamlessly incorporate a distinctly italo-disco sound with recent LuckyMe releases, and other aurally-appeasing selections for volume 5 of the AIAIAI Mix Series. All these bars, no police. Enjoy

01 “ISLAND – Dynamic Mapping” (Island Joints)
02 “Marquis Hawkes – Roger Funk” (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)
03 “Matthias Zimmermann – Gottleib (Dreams Remix)” (Sound Pellegrino)
04 “Starfoxx – Bae HD” (Donky Pitch)
05 “Marco Reyes – Whatever turns you on” (D.J. International Records)
06 “Deborah Kinley – All for you” (Serdisco)
07 “Rustie – He hate me ft Gorgeous Children (Warp Records)
08 “Borussia – Digital funk neptune (White)
09 “Doja Cat – No police” (White)
10 “Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Get Me What You Want” (Night Voyage)
11 “Joseph Marinetti – Lipsync” (LuckyMe Records)
12 “Tessela – Rough 2” (R&S Records)
13 “Samuel Stache – Bang it out” (White)
14 “Kellnere – Feelings” (Sonntag Morgen)
15 “Lee Carvallo – Gotta Have Your Lovin” (Heka Trax)

(featured photo by Joseph Traylen)