Watch QT’s and SOPHIE’s Debut Live Performances At The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room serves as a proving ground of sorts for DJ’s rising through the ranks of the industry. And while I’m still not sure if QT is actually a real person, she showed up (in the flesh) for a recent Boiler Room event celebrating the upcoming release of Hudson Mohawke’s EP Chimes.

The elusive SOPHIE also made a joyous appearance (or at least an actor dressed as him), cross-dressed and ready to rage, and invigorated the crowd through his amazingly colorful production and dynamic sound. Songs like “Lemonade” and “Hard” popped up during the set, as well his first single “Nothing More To Say/Eeehhh“. You can check out both performances above and below, and can read up on SOPHIE here.  (via P&P)